What is Google Sitemap?

submitgooglesitemap.com is a free and quick way to get a Google Sitemaps of your website, message boards and web logs that can cover unlinked or dynamically generated pages which cannot be covered with the spider generated sitemaps. The google sitemap of your web pages improves your coverage once you submit it to Google. When the google sitemap is accepted, Google will index your pages quicker. Use submitgooglesitemap.com on your own website to get your google sitemap.
Firstly, paste the submitgooglesitemap.com tracking image into the html files of your site. Secondly, surf through your site or wait till your normal traffic has covered all the pages. The last step is to complete the form to generate the google sitemap. Our system records all the files on your website that call the tracking image and includes them in the google sitemap.

STEP 1 - Add the submitgooglesitemap.com tracking image to your website

Paste the code shown below into every page of your website to include our tracking image. Our servers track the web pages from your site that call the tracking image and include them the google sitemap.

STEP 2 - Generate sitemap

After surfing through your site (or waiting till your normal traffic covers all the pages), complete the form to generate the google sitemap. Enter the full address, including the http, to set the level of from which your sitemap is based, e.g. "http://www.mysite.com/" or "http://www.mysite.com/public/"

Top Level URL: (must end in "/")

Lastmod: (blank to leave out)

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